M.Sc. Naim A. Hoxha

Naim Hoxha earned his master’s degree on Jurisprudence from International University of Struga” Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) in 2012.

During 1998 – 1999 he worked with OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission (KVM).  After the war in Kosovo he continued to work with OSCE Mission in Kosovo. In 2003 Naim joint the Kosovo Police.

He was a member of Kosovo Police working in different departments and directorates such as Investigator within Internal Affairs, Directorate against Organized Crime and Counter Terrorism.

Currently he is working within OSCE Mission in Kosovo since 2009 as National Organized Crime Advisor. Organized Crime Advisory Section within OSCE Mission in Kosovo is responsible for capacity building of Kosovo law enforcement agencies in fighting all types of serious and organized crime, countering terrorism and effective implementation of intelligence-led policing.  As well Naim is assigned as a focal point against Terrorism and Preventing Terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalization that Lead to Terrorism (VERLT) for Transnational Threats Department and its respective Counter terrorism Unit in Vienna, OSCE Secretariat.

From 2011 – 2014 he was also assigned as part time advisor to the Chairperson of the Committee for Security and Internal Affairs within Kosovo Assembly.

Member of the working group for drafting, implementing and evaluation of Kosovo Strategies and Action Plans in several areas like:

  1. Kosovo Strategy on Prevention of Violent Extremism and Radicalisation Leading To Terrorism 2015-2020
  2. Republic of Kosovo national strategy and action plan against terrorism 2012-2017
  3. State strategy of the Republic of Kosovo against organized crime and action plan 2012-2017
  4. National strategy of the Republic of Kosovo against drugs and action plan 2012-2017
  5. National strategy and action plan of Republic of Kosovo for migration
  6. Kosovo Police Intelligence-led policing strategy and action plan 2013-2017
  7. Kosovo police strategic development plan 2011-2015
  8. State strategy of the Republic of Kosovo on crime prevention and action plan 2009-2012
  9. etc..