Working experience



National Organized Crime Advisor (Terrorism, Criminal Intelligence, Cross Border, Drugs…)

OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Prishtina

Plan, draft and implement projects in compliance with administrative direction for the police and acted as advisor concerning the planning, implementation and completion of projects and further implements allocated projects and short term activities designed and planned centrally by the Department
Provide regular feedback, in particular progress reports to chain of command during the implementation phase of projects and a final report at the conclusion of the projects.
Acting as liaison officer and conducting regular meetings with representatives of the public safety agencies in order to receive inputs for the Unit’s strategic planning.
Assigned as part time Advisor to the Chairmen of the Parliamentarian Oversight Committee on Security and Infernal Affairs. My role is to advise the Chairmen on Drafting, Reviewing and monitoring the implementation of the Law’s and Strategies & Action Plans that are related to the MoIA and Kosovo Police
Counter Terrorism Contact Point for TNT/ATU – Vienna



Investigator – Counter Terrorism Directorate Kosovo Police, Prishtina Republic of Kosovo

Gathering of information and activities of potential terrorist organizations in Kosovo
Pro-active and reactive investigations
Close cooperation with the prosecutor office
Preparation and implementation of the operations plans
Presentation of different cases and issues to the court( with the request of the last one)
Close cooperation with the similar offices in the region and wider



Investigator (Directorate of Organized Crime – Fugitive Intelligence Support Unit) Kosovo Police, Prishtina Republic of Kosovo

Gathering intelligence of high level fugitives (high risk) wanted locally and internationally
Exchanging information relevant agencies within region and wider
Preparation and implementation of operation of required persons with high risk and bringing them in front of justice
Close cooperation with prosecutor office and relevant police units and other law and enforcement agencies



Investigator – Internal Affairs Kosovo Police, Prishtina Republic of Kosovo

Internal investigations in cases when there is suspicion that the member of KPS has breached KPS Principles and Procedures,
Responsible for investigation of individual and group cases,
Planning and arranging interviews,
Team work with other investigators,
Cooperation with other KPS units assisting the process of an internal investigation,
Background Investigation,
Cases Presentation in Appeals Board.


Police officer Kosovo Police, Prishtina Republic of Kosovo

Patrolling within the zone of responsibility,
Prevention, investigation and detention of the offenders of criminal acts,
Cooperation with appropriate KPS’s units,
Cooperation with the community.


01/08/1999 – 30/08/2003

Coordinator Security Escort Unit (close protection)

Develop and manage Personal Protection Program staffed by International and Local members. Principals will include Director and other Senior personnel, as priorities require,
Plans, administer and supervise the teams work,
Maintains liaison with the protectee’s staff to ensure the timely exchange of information regarding schedule, threat, unscheduled moves, etc.,
Responsible for press relations and control,
Responsible for the conduct of the SEU assigned and the conduct of the SEU in general,
Planning for VIP visits,
-Supervisory responsibility for teams in field



Protective Detail Shift Leader OSCE Kosovo Verification Mission, Prishtina (Kosovo)

Plans, administer and supervise the PSO – Personal Security Officers,
Maintains liaison with the protector’s staff to ensure the timely exchange of information regarding schedule, threat, unscheduled moves, etc.,
Assigns PSO members to specific shifts and positions (i.e., close-in body cover), prior to the onset of the detail.

Private Company “Xhana Commerce”, Prishtina Republic of Kosovo



Overall management of a Private Company.
Private sector. Trading, Export – Import.