Naim is a man of strong character and highly conscientious about his responsibilities. His strongest attributes are his grasp of the English language and loyalty for those he works for. I would enthusiastically hire Nairn again without hesitation. Naim represents the moral character the UN wants of their police officer. I highly recommend him for such public service.

Michael D. Phillip

Lieutenant Colonel , USAF, O/SRSG

Throughout the extremely difficult days and nights of the Mission’s presence, Mr. HOXHA’s performance was outstanding. My very life was in his hands, and those of the detail he led. After watching his performance and getting to know him. I was confident that I had the best possible person responsible for my safety and well being.

William G. Walker

Ambassador , Washington, D.C

During the last two-and-a-half years I have come to respect Mr Hoxha’s professional abilities and attitude. He has carried out his work with diligence, discipline, energy and full reliability and responsibility. Mr. Hoxha is furthermore a very pleasant person to work with.

Daan W. Everts

Ambassador, DSRSG/HoM OSCE